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keyword variationHere at Galvanizing Services Limited, we use hot dip galvanizing to effectively shield your steel from corroding components. In this process, we dip the steel in a bath of molten zinc. This is a procedure preferred by steel fabricators, architects and engineers, as it offers long-term protection.


We treat your steel at our own galvanizing plants using sophisticated machines and heating systems. Galvanizing services has two galvanizing baths.


General Galvanizing

1) Length             3.3m          
  Width      1.0m
  Depth      1.5m
*We are able to galvanize lengths up to 6.0 metres by end for end dipping.

Spinning Plant

2) Length                  2.4m
  Width    0.9m
  Depth      1.2m
*The maximum product length for spinning, or centrifuging, is 300mm.

You can achieve favourable results by taking the following factors into account:

  • The dimensions of the steel and how they fit into the dimensions of the baths
  • The weight of the steel to treat
  • ​The existing condition of the steel
  • The shape and the design of the metals

The zinc coating technically becomes part of the steel it protects, thus rendering the material impregnable. What makes the zinc coating special is its unique metallurgical make-up. With this particular property of the coating, the rust will form more slowly on the surface.


We carry out some procedures before finally dipping your metal into the bath of molten zinc. As soon as your steel is delivered to us, we clean it thoroughly by removing oil residues. In cases where there are existing rust scales on the surface, we remove them to stop the spread of the corrosion. We also perform other measures to control the acid on the steel’s surface. This particular process is called rinsing.


Before finally coating the steel in molten zinc, we apply flux solution to remove impurities that may compromise the entire galvanizing process.


To learn more about procedures, get in touch with our customer service division or browse our other pages. You may visit our office and speak personally with our staff.

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