Galvanizing Services Limited offers comprehensive metal and cathodic protection solutions. Our core capabilities include the following: 
  • Galvanizing Services can hot dip galvanize any steel product that can be immersed in their zinc baths. (Refer Plant Information).
  • We can galvanize chains, anchors, tractor rims, outdoor furniture, all structural and fabricated steel.
  • We can centrifuge nails, brick ties, building brackets and items shorter than 300mm.
  • We are able to organise the stripping of zinc, paint and powder coating as well as the the blasting of heavily corroded steel.
  • We see to it that our system provides sound corrosion performance, regardless of the environment. 

When it comes to galvanising steel, we always consider the dimensions of your metal. We also take the design and shape of the material into account. More importantly, we determine how thick the coating should be. The thickness speaks so much about the amount of zinc coating that will cover the metal. The right amount of the coating material is crucial to protecting the entirety of the metal. Typically, the thickness of the coating depends on the surface of the metal and its composition.

During galvanization, we apply heat that reaches up to 460°C, the point where zinc is fully melted. The amount of time required in keeping the metal in the zinc bath depends on the factors we have discussed above, most especially on the size, mass and dimensions. When dealing with vessels and containers, we also coat the internal surface. 

After the coating, we will then cool down the metal by dipping it into a water bath. The last phases typically include the weighing and checking for spots that aren’t fully coated. In these cases, we directly apply molten zinc onto the surface.

Galvanizing can be a lengthy process, but we have streamlined our procedures for the timely delivery of your steel. To learn more about what we do, browse our other pages. You may get in touch with us through email. Let’s discuss all your enquiries, from galvanised paint to hot dip galvaned steel.

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